Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot access the members area of the site.

Please ensure you have correctly set up a user account to be able to use the Top Sportsability resource.

The flipbook resources do not load correctly.

The flipbooks require Adobe Flash Player 6 or higher to function correctly, which can be downloaded free of charge from here.

Adobe Flash Player is installed but the flipbook resource still does not load

Please ensure that any pop-blockers are disabled, or set to allow Flash/Javascript processes

The flipbook resources do not work in my browser.

The flipbook resources are designed for best use within the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 9. Legacy functionality is also available within Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

There is a problem with the flipbook resource, the video playback or the audio within the asset.

Please ensure you have cleared your browser cache. For further help please visit here.

The video content plays in poor quality

Please free as much network bandwidth as possible by clsoing other websites and turning off applications that might be using the internet. Also make sure your machine meets the minimum requirements for using the resource. For more information please visit here.